Street portrait of Times Square Cop info
diptych Head shot of New York Photographer and cityscape. info
Man in a rush at a food cart, New York info
Man sleeping on the subway in New York info
Man on a bus staring info
Two men and child waiting on a bus info
group of men looking into camera info
The naked cowboy of Times square, New york info
Tour ticket man in Times square, new york info
Side of a bus advert info
Sky with American flag and plane in it info
Man on phone with poster of a changing world in background info
Headshot of Alex, a photographer in New York info
Young people chatting on the street in New York info
Portrait of my fiance in front seat of car, highlighted light info
Ashly, girl we met in New Orleans, birthday girl with $1's pinned to her, tradition info
Man staring at me while I take his portrait info
New York vegan campaigning on streets of New York times square info
Man looking back at me info
Ally, artist from New Orleans info
Man and woman sitting on bench reading a book and a phone info
Man walking through times square on his cell phone info
A vegan chef from Harlem info
girl on subway looking across info
diptych of girl with red head walking through park and a fire hydrant info
diptych portraits of the ticket men of Times square info
Portrait of Alex, photographer from New York info
Fiancee looking back at me on Highrise New York info
Traffic cop on patrol crossing street in New York info
diptych portrait of finance on the beach and sticks on the beach info
Vegans of New York Portrait campaigning in Times square info
diptych of a fat man and the side of beautiful building info
tourist attraction in times square, statue of liberty actors info
M and M stores in Times Square at night time with buildings and cranes and steam in background info
New York traffic cop on patrol info
Cow Girls on the street in times square info
Cow girls on the street in Times square info
diptych portrait of man on subway reading his phone info
Finance in times square posing info
Men waiting on the bus in New Orleans
diptych of a drug store in New York with Glowing neon signs info
close up of stranger crossing the camera mid shot info
man looks at womans phone who is sitting beside him info
a young family look back past me waiting to cross the road info
Elmo character looking at cow girls Times square New York info
Times square at night time walking through the crowds info
Small colourful houses in mobile, alabama, info
diptych of food stall man selling chilli dogs, new york info
walking through crowds of Times square and get into a selfie info
Reflection of old man on bus in washington info
a couple checking their phone in middle of times square and woman on advert looking at them info
portrait of women with phone us close reading info
man looking at me through a crowd walking past info
slim skyscraper in new york info
6 avenue sign and buildings behind info
Men discussing chess in the park info
diptych portrait of Elsa, dress up disney character taking a picture for tourists without her info
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